The Only Click Metrics Worth Your Time

Cost Per Click - CPC​

The essential search marketing metric. It's hard to stay at the top of Google, just go and pay for it then focus on brand awareness. ​ On SEO: A lot of you know I don't really give 2 hoots about SEO. I like that Alan Weiss calls it 'Seeking Ego Online'. It's usually a BS channel. Also Google should optimise for you, not the other way round.

Transaction Conversion Rate - TCR

​The percentage of customers who purchase after clicking through to the website. ​ Getting CPC cooking nicely with a good email system converting should give you the 80/20 of results on your click metrics. ​

​Return on Ad Dollars Spent - ROAS

​The essential return on Ad Spend metric. ​ I've mentioned treating your advertising as investments. ROAS is the betting game in marketing. The more persuasive you are in you marketing the better bets you are making. ​ Be ethical! FFS. ​ Don't swindle people but use all the heuristics possible to convert customers. Use scarcity, bonuses and guarantees in your offers and put your offers in new wrappers whenever you can. Especially if you've got a local strategy. ​

​Bounce Rate

​The essential metric to show how good your website is. ​ Usually tracked by % of users who stay on your site longer than 5 seconds. ​ Pay for a good UXer. I rarely do any UX now but happy to refer away. Even better get someone who can do any necessary UI work.

Word of Mouth - WOM

​The essential metric for measuring word of mouth. ​ Calculated by number of clicks plus number of clicks from recommendations then divide by number of direct clicks. ​ Personally it's a bit vague because it should technically be an intangible. Going from real world to digital and all. ​ Referral is the most profitable channel. It's basically $0 to acquire someone. So be as referable as possible.