My Revenue-Generating Design Projects Speak for Themselves.

Unlike most designers, I focus on revenue within design constraints to optimise value. Other designers aren't business inclined and focus on gimmicky trends.

Project 1

I drove Ladbrokes Sports-Betting up 39% on the year before with a straight-forward UX strategy.

Key Metrics

  • 39% revenue-increase based on 2017 start of footy season vs year before.
  • Decreased time to bet on Sports.
  • Decreased steps to bet on Sports.
Ladbrokes Sports Betting UX

Project 2

I drove Ladbrokes app usage from 6 minutes to 40 minutes with the inception of Ladbrokes InfoHub.

Key Metrics

  • $XX,XXX,XXX in turnover throughout 2016
  • App usage increased from 6 minutes to 40 minutes
  • Optimised 3rd-party software to execute the product when a custom solution had failed twice

Project 3

I kicked off Lecharl Watches brand by making them a luxury brand on tight budget.

Key Metrics

  • Used ‘Lean Start-Up Method’ to reach a 1st version to test market
  • Saving $15,000 through strategic design
  • Built out Pre-orders to optimise success at an early stage

Project 4

I increased Nude Beach Australia's ecommerce store page value 187% in just 3 weeks with CRO services.

Key Metrics

  • 220% revenue increase
  • Increased overall page value 187% in just 3-weeks
  • Improved cart experience
  • Customised accounting process with Xero

Project 5

When no-one backed the roughie on Spring Carnival, Ladbrokes Featured Races were there to collect!

Key Metrics

  • 7-figure return on Melbourne Cup 2015
  • Continuous increase in revenue across all Spring Carnival
  • Easier betting for novice punters.
  • 400% increase in acquisition